Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Hinsdale

Maybe you’ve been living in a home with hardwood floors for many years, just inherited one from your parents, or purchased one as your new renovation project. While it can be easy to get carried away with all the things that could be updated and the character that could be brought back to life, refinishing old hardwood floors should be a priority.

Even if you like the shabby chic look, a dull and splintering floor is not very practical! No matter what style you’re aiming for, there is a hardwood floor finish suitable to it, and at A.E.A. Renovations, Ltd. we love helping our Hinsdale clients make these decisions.

Refinishing vs. Replacing

When it comes to refinishing or replacing, the older the floor the more likely it is you’ll start to favor the idea of replacing it. But, refinishing old hardwood floors is worth it in all but the most extreme situations.


If you are looking for the fastest option, floor restoration is the choice for you.

The process of refinishing hardwood involves tidying up, sanding, and adding new stain/sealer. Dependent on the stain used (darker stains take longer), type of wood, and additional work involved, refinishing will take between three and five days. For smaller spaces, maybe even two days. The majority of this time is curing time.

After the old flooring is torn up, it will take one to three weeks for new materials to arrive. When they are at your home, they must be given two days or more (five to seven for dense wood) to acclimatize to the environment of your home.

Following this, it will take one to four days for installation. This total after demolition is a full two to four weeks.


Refinishing also is the clear winner in terms of cost.

The national average spent on refinishing is $1,629 whereas a full installation is $4,396!

So, if not absolutely necessary, why go to the effort of removing a beautiful and historic hardwood floor when you can refinish hardwood and bring it back to life to be more attractive than ever?

Choose the affordable, enviable, long-lasting option, and practice floor restoration over replacement.

Old-World Meets Trendy

Refinishing hardwood flooring isn’t just about preserving history, it’s a stylish trend as well. Materials such as laminate are made to imitate classic hardwood and barn board and new colors are being created all the time for even more unique effects.

At A.E.A. Renovations, Ltd. we keep an eye on trends in hardwood and laminate to apply them to our Hinsdale client’s needs.

For example, the effect of a matte laminate floor can be recreated with classic hardwood using a matte finish! Shake it up with an ebony or red oak stain and you have a magazine-worthy floor in the works.

Your Hardwood Flooring Experts

At A.E.A. Renovations, Ltd. we pride ourselves in providing the best in hardwood flooring restoration. Refinishing old hardwood floors is a great option for saving money and preserving the historical quality of an old home.

Call our team today to plan out your floor restoration today!