Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Glenview

So you’ve purchased a new old home, or inherited the family home from your parents. It’s got all the charm, and Glenview history to it, but is a little worse for wear. It’s easy to assume that the best option may be to just gut it and modernize—but there are many more options that you may find are quite a bit more affordable as well.

At A.E.A. Renovations, Ltd., we pride ourselves on our team’s accumulated skill and unified care for older homes and especially hardwood flooring. Floor restoration is fast, affordable and the best way to kick off a home remodeling project.

Choosing the Best Refinishers

At A.E.A. Renovations, Ltd. we are fully insured and licensed, and always aim to practice fair and honest procedures. Interviews and transparency are an important part of hiring any remodeling contractor. Think up any questions you have beforehand so we can feel confident working alongside each other.

It may just be a 48 hour process, but when you hire a hardwood floor refinishing service you want it done right. No matter how sturdy the boards of your floor look, you never know how many times they’ve already been sanded, so an experienced eye is important to ensure you don’t injure yourself in the future walking on weak boards.

We have had the pleasure of unearthing many beautiful floors in Glenview and bringing them back to their former glory. When you choose us, you’re choosing years of experience and personalized care.

Pro Tips

There are a few things to note during the floor restoration process. While it’s not the lengthiest of renovations, you may want to leave your home while it’s happening.

Lack of Useable Space

Depending on the floor space we’ll be refinishing, furniture will be moved and these rooms will be completely unusable during the process.

Dust and Fumes

Whether you’re sensitive to dust or not, fumes from stain and polyurethane can start to get to you. The treatment will be curing for 24 hours after the process, so finding a place to stay for a few days may be the best option for you and your family.

If you do decide to stay in your home during the floor restoration, be prepared to stay in specific areas of your home, and experience some unpleasant smells. If you have any pets, it will be important to keep them away in specific rooms as well.

The Right Team for the Job

If you have one room, or an entire house worth of floors to refinish, A.E.A. Renovations, Ltd. is the team for the job. We’ll take the care to ensure the job is done safely, and to your exact specifications. Looking for an updated stain shade? We’ve got it. Looking to keep it as natural as possible? We can do that too.

Refinishing old hardwood floors is a rewarding task when you’re presented with the results. So, give us a call today and let’s bring out the best in your floors! Your Glenview home can look better than you ever imagined.